My Lifestyle Is More Of A "Rocky Road"

The most shocking thing about Fifty Shades of Grey is that so many people have read the entire thing. Lacking any literary meat, the book has been dubbed “mommy porn,” and its popularity speaks more to our desire to understand relationships that are different than our own than its credibility. So put the book down. You don’t have to attempt to get through another terrible chapter; just pop into Grover’s Bar and Grill, 18101 Preston Road. Yes, it’s an unconventional location for a discussion on S&M culture, but at least there will be booze, glorious booze, to gulp down during the squeamish moments. The lecture is led by Michael Standridge, a professional therapist who deals exclusively with “psycho-sexual behaviors and non-vanilla lifestyles.” (Don’t worry, he’s got diplomas.) He’ll discuss dominant and submissive lifestyles, their history and the way books like Fifty Shades of Grey have misrepresented them. If you’ve got a few questions of your own or are just a curious bird, buy a $20 ticket and attend. It starts at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Call 501-912-3330.
Tue., Aug. 28, 2012