No Means Yes, But Only For Tonight

Without James Bond movies, the world would be totally different. Can you imagine? There would be no argument over the best Bond, a dearth of spy gadgetry, no Bond-girl ranking scale and a lack of Bond impersonations. OK, we could probably do without the last one. But luckily we get all of these things and more, because when Terence Young gave the world Dr. No, the first (and some would say best) Bond flick, one of the most beloved franchises in the world was born. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of James Bond film juggernaut, the Texas Theatre (231 W. Jefferson Blvd.) is showing a special 35mm print of Dr. No. Get your martini at the bar, do your best Connery impersonation and check out a classic as it was originally intended. Your final chance to see Dr. No at the Texas Theatre is Sunday (time TBD). Tickets are $9.25, $8 for members, students, seniors and children. Call 214-948-1546 or visit
Sept. 21-23, 2012