Just Bring ’Em All Out At Once, Please

As one of the older residences in Dallas, and one of the only ones still standing on Ross Avenue, the Alexander Mansion is the type of place that makes you long for a corset and, consequently, a fainting couch. Confining undergarments aside, the mansion is charming, stately and this holiday season it’ll be dressed to the nines. If you’d like to see for yourself, stop by for afternoon tea that isn’t tea at all. It’s Champagne. (Somehow the tea room just sounds better than the Champagne room, right?) At 1 p.m. Monday, the Holiday European Tea Room will open for a three-course Champagne party. Reservations are $45 per person and all proceeds benefit Birdie Alexander Elementary School, Landauer Child Care and The Alexander Mansion. A good cause and Champagne aplenty?!? Take a friend, take a spouse or hell, grab your mother-in-law. You’ll be drinking, after all. Pinkies up. Visit dallaswomansforum.org.
Dec. 16-20, 2012