Preachers On The D.L.

D.L. Hughley hasn’t experienced the warmest of relationships with the metroplex. Just a handful of years ago, he ran afoul of a bunch of area preachers who called for boycotting his set — then declared victory when they got a bunch of press. But don’t comedians kind of live for that shit? He didn’t even have to come up with his own joke — he just riffed on a comment that had already gotten Don Imus into trouble and boom ... publicity for days. He comes without all the hullabaloo this time as he performs in Addison at the Improv (4980 Beltline Road) from Friday until Sunday, but he still pushes the envelope enough to get our pulpit-bound friends a little hot under the collar. Lucky for them, the Sunday edition of the show is post-sermon at 7 p.m. and tickets are $30 to $40, available by calling 972-404-8501.
Jan. 10-13, 2013