I Think Cupid Just Hocked A Loogie

There are great Sundays and then there are the ideal, goddam gems of afternoons that give purpose to your time off work. We’re going to discuss the latter. Those mischievous scamps over at The Granada have devised a way to please us all in one tidy afternoon. They’ve assembled a little program called The xx Dating Game – think Singled Out feeling up The Dating Game after three carafes of mimosas. Now imagine that the competitors are your forever-single friends and co-workers. I know! IT’S PERFECT! Happening at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Sundown at Granada (3520 Greenville Ave.), you’ll watch as comedian Chelsea Hood and Mavs ManiAACs dancer Drew Lyons play cupid with Dallas’ singles. Whoever wins will get tickets to see The xx at one of their sold-out shows, and possibly a little romance to light up their Valentine’s Day. You’re going to want to watch this, especially since the Sundown has that amazing $2 mimosa special on Sunday afternoons. Visit granadatheater.com.
Sun., Feb. 10, 2013