It’ll Be A Real Shit Show

He’s the twisted brain behind Good Records’ freakiest poster art; the paintbrush behind Rubber Gloves’ newest mural; the publisher of drugged-out comics; designer of collectable KERA pledge-drive T-shirts; a co-collaborator on last year’s Big Tex on Fire posters; and at Saturday’s solo exhibition, Denton-turned-Dallas artist Nevada Hill will sell sculptures modeled after shit. (This is where you either say “Really?” or “Finally.”) Yes! Hill’s created a line of limited-edition silicon sculptures that resemble perky, mischievous mounds of psychedelic poo. They’re anchors for his fittingly titled show Everything is S**t, which runs from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday at The Public Trust (2919 Commerce St.). Each dung slung is hand-poured and painted with feisty, tribal prints and serves as a tiny representative for life’s universal output. In addition to fecal art, you’ll visit Hill’s stacks, a collection that shapeshifts through media as diverse as line drawing, painting, silk-screen and whatever else Hill believes pairs well with poop. Those warring methods are united through his signature style in which conflicting dissonance of tone and color takes center stage, and shapes morph seemingly from within. It’s one night only and free to attend. Visit
Sat., Aug. 24, 2013