Mushrooms and Whiskey: C’mon Down!

Is it wrong to define a comedian’s career by one glorious public moment? Let’s hope not, because when Josh Androsky was called onstage during a live taping of the Price is Right, loaded on booze and mushrooms, he became our daytime television spirit animal. Dressed in a Dolly Parton T-shirt and Big Poppa trucker hat, and a face hidden behind a bushy whiskey beard, Androsky won the day. Granted, not the show — or any prizes for that matter — but the day itself, which featured the comedian bidding wrong, talking about his dreams and becoming Drew Carey’s favorite human in less than eight minutes of airtime. For that performance alone you should see him headline Monday’s latest Parade of Flesh comedy offering, the Shitty Kisses Comedy Tour. Add in that you get the bumper lineup of Clare O’Kane, Caitlin Gill and David Gborie for only 10 bucks and this show’s a damn steal. It’s happening Monday at Sons of Hermann Hall (3414 Elm St.). Get your ticket at
Mon., Sept. 16, 2013