It’s Only Endangered Because I’m Here

If the extent of your safari knowledge comes from The Wild Thornberrys, it’s time to get with the program, sister. The Dallas Safari Club’s annual convention is a solid place to start, especially if you’re into things themed “Generations” that promise to “set the standard for sporting enthusiasts from around the world.” It’s a four-day convention where more than 40,000 humans will descend upon Dallas in head-to-toe khaki to check out the most realistic wildlife displays since Night at The Museum, bid on incredible wilderness experiences and scam freebies from exhibitors both local and worldwide. (A free USB drive? YES PLEASE.) Friday, you can join in from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Dallas Convention Center, 650 S. Griffin St. Tickets start at $20 per day and are available at the door only. The convention runs from Thursday to Sunday. Learn more at
Fri., Jan. 10, 2014