Let Peter Pan Give Your Kid Wings

There’s a passage in J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan that says something about how stars are really only observers, that they have been put in that role as punishment for assorted karmic misdeeds and that as such, they can’t really participate in the fun around them — they can only watch and encourage a little lighthearted mischief. It’s a lovely sentiment, one that perfectly sums up both the blessing and the curse of parenthood. The carefree nights at your neighborhood bar with your buddies have likely waned. Instead, it’s now kinda your job to oversee someone else’s fun times. And while you still have some control over what form fun time takes, why not drop in on a charming live-action touring production of Peter Pan at the Majestic Theater (1925 Elm St.) at 10 a.m. Friday? You’ll be in a prime position to observe your charges’ eyes twinkle as they experience the magic of Neverland. And as a bonus, this special production inspires creativity as it shows the little ones how to create their own high-flying adventures at home with puppets and household items — and maybe, just maybe, they’ll actually let you in on that little bit of fun. Recommended for grades kindergarten through five. Tickets are $9 to $12. Visit dallasculture.org.
Fri., Feb. 21, 10 a.m., 2014