Stick a Fork in It

Here’s the Iron Fork deal: Returning champion chef Matt McCallister of FT33 will square off against Richard Gras of Oak in a toque-to-toque competition moderated by restaurateur Kent Rathbun. Each chef receives a basket of ingredients, including one mystery item, and they compete to see who can whip up the two tastiest dishes. Listen, not to brag or anything, but only one mystery item? Whoopdee-doo. I whip up entire meals from way more mystery items than that nearly every night at home. Virtually everything in my refrigerator and pantry is a mystery, and — trust me on this — no one has ever called me a chef. If it weren’t for the niggling requirement that the dishes taste good, I’m pretty sure my combo of tinned sardines, frozen waffles, soy sauce and that greenish thing in Tupperware could blow these guys away, possibly literally. Those of you who demand your food be delicious can see McCallister versus Gras, hear live music, enjoy drinks and sample dishes from more than two dozen local restaurants at Iron Fork from 7 until 10 p.m. at 333 1st Ave. Tickets are $45 general admission, $75 VIP, and are available at
Wed., May 7, 7 p.m., 2014