Chefs Spicing Up the Menu

Chef Mat McCallister’s design district spot FT33 is as sizzling hot as it has ever been, which says a lot given the oft-fickle nature of foodie culture. The brash, inked-up McCallister knows that veggies can be more culinarily interesting than the proteins we worship in Texas, and he’s not afraid to let out-of-towners wield power in his kitchen from time to time. For his Guest Chef Series, McCallister hosts chefs from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Portland, Oregon and many tasty locales in-between. The third Monday of each month features a special eight-course menu created and offered for one night only. On Monday, chefs Evan and Sarah Rich of San Francisco’s Rich Table will join forces with FT33 (1617 Hi Line Drive) for the greater-tasting good. It's $105 for the eight-course menu and $55 per person for wine pairings; reservations available by calling 214-741-2629. More information at
Mon., Feb. 16, 7 p.m., 2015