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Snuffer's Greenville and the Question of Cleanliness in Dallas' Restaurant Bathrooms

Oh, toilet humor. Though Gerard Depardieu gives Anderson Cooper the giggles, I don't find it funny to dine somewhere where I feel I need to try and -- ahem -- hold it until I get home, should I drink too much wine or iced tea during my meal.

But: I'm a bit of a germaphobe. I prefer to implore a paper towel wrapped 'round the handle when exiting the ladies room, having seen far too many women walk straight out of the stall without passing go, much less using soap and water. And having recently returned from a vacation abroad, I've seen quite a range in commode accommodations, from "outside, 'round the corner" to airport to 4-star hotel. I have been cursed with a slightly smallish bladder. But now that I'm back stateside, I'd like to warn you about a particular spot in town that might need to clean up its act a bit: Snuffer's

Its burgers have a loyal following. And those cheese fries. I KNOW. But one glance in the general direction of the bathroom there, not to mention a sniff, is anything but appetizing. Those burgers, the grilled chicken fingers, the cheese fries, and yes, even their ranch dressing cannot win out against a shitty shitter. Advice? Bring that shitter up to snuff, Snuffer's.

I'm not expecting to piss in an imperial palace every time I grab a burger. But I do believe that the bathroom at a sit-down, casual restaurant, and of course a fine-dining restaurant, is somewhat representative of a place's overall cleanliness level. And I don't think we diners should tolerate any less than basic cleanliness.