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Vertskebap Is Spreading Kebap Love Across DFW

Last Fall, the Dallas area got its very first Vertskebap. The doner kebap chain, based in Austin and spreading across Texas like a brushfire, opened a location in Addison, alongside the Flying Saucer, Gloria's and a slew of other restaurants in that maze of a development called Village on the Parkway. I stopped in and ate my way through a quick first look. The verdict: good.

The only problem, though, is that the Vertskebap in question is in Addison, which is a place nobody wants to go unless they live there or they know someone who moved there and feel obligated to visit. This makes the fact that a second Vertskebap has opened in the Dallas area very good news. And you don't even have to drive outside the loop to get there.

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The newest Vertskebap is located at Walnut Hill Lane and the Central Expressway, giving the employees at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital a solid lunch option. That makes 21 locations total for the chain which is growing quickly, four of which are in the Dallas area. Vertskebap junkies also have options in Lewisville and Southlake, too.

If you haven't been, the restaurant offers a number of meat options that spin on vertical grills behind the counter. Bread and topping choices are offered as you work down the line, and there are a number of local beers and other beverages when you make it to the end. It's fast casual America meets the street food of Berlin.