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It's Ramadan: Here Are Two Buffets To Stuff Your Face After Sundown

Ramadan is here. The Muslim tradition mandates a strict fast from sunup to sundown, but after the sun sets, all bets are off. There are loads of Middle Eastern restaurants to choose from for an evening meal, but after an entire day of no food or drink, gorging at a buffet table seems like the way to go. Both Qariah in Dallas and Afrah in Richardson typically run their buffet tables at lunch, but during Ramadan you can eat till you split a seam at dinner time too. Here are the deets.

Qariah (pictured above) Of all the buffets I've encountered in Dallas, the one at Qariah is the most impressive. It's loaded with far more variety than most buffets and the ingredients always taste fresh and bright. Add in as much freshly baked pita as you can handle and you've got the most compelling buffet in the downtown area. The evening buffet runs from 8 p.m.-10:00 p.m. through Ramadan and includes their usual menu items in addition to lamb and rice, chicken and rice, other traditional Lebanese dishes and specialty desserts. For $16.99 you get a beverage and all the plates you can fill.

Afrah I have not indulged Afrah's buffet, but I did get this attractive chicken kebab there a few weeks ago. It had a great char and the meat was still plenty moist and perfectly cooked. If you live north of Dallas, this is your spot. Cost of admission is $17.99, and you get a choice is desserts and a drink. The owners recommend making a reservation, so you should call ahead.