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Try This Front Room Shrimp Roll, Because It May Not Be Around Forever

Lobster rolls are inexplicably all over this town, even if we have to pay a claw and a leg to get one.

Shrimp rolls make more sense. The Gulf of Mexico has plenty of shrimp, and not only are the shipping costs lower, the shellfish are more affordable.

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If you're inclined, The Front Room in Park Cities has a great version on their menu. Dubbed the "shrimp top loader" it packs perfectly cooked, diced shrimp into a buttery bun, with radishes shaved thin and leaves of celery that mirror the crunchy chunks in the salad. It's a great sandwich, and at $16 with a tower of house-fried potato chips, it's a touch cheaper than many of the lobster rolls served around town.

The roll might not be around forever, though. The Front Room is due for a renovation, but it won't start until at least November as design plans continue to evolve. There's a chance the shrimp roll could make a return after chef Tim Bevins releases his new menu, but it's not promised. If you want one, you should probably place your order soon.