Ah, Frisco, the City of Love -- and Crepes

Who knew you'd be driving to romantic Frisco to experience some crepes this Valentine's Day? But that's where you need to go if you want to try the tasty sweet and savory crepes at Café Flair and pretend you're eating in Paris, the City of Love. While Café Flair, located in a Frisco strip mall, isn't as romantic as a sidewalk café in Paris, it does serve well-made crepes with fast and friendly service. It's also a bubble teashop.

As my valentine and I traveled to Café Flair for lunch yesterday, I was skeptical how bubble teas would fit in with a meal of crepes. My date, on the other hand, wondered if all the servers would each be wearing at least 15 pieces of "flair" as servers did at the fictitious restaurant Chotchkie's in the movie Office Space. It took us a while to find the creperie in the maze of the Frisco shopping center and because the restaurant had bad signage.

Once we arrived, I dove right in and chose the lavender milk tea with bubbles on the recommendation of the women at the counter. I'm sorry to report she wasn't wearing any flair. My date got a green tea blended ice drink sans the bubbles. For our crepes, he chose the savory Crepe Béchamel filled with ham, scrambled eggs, onions and Swiss cheese, and I ordered the sweet Nutty Strawberry crepe that came topped with strawberries, almonds, chocolate syrup and whip cream.

Ordering at the counter cut the lovey dovey-ness of the restaurant. But that's not a bad thing. It just means I wouldn't recommend this a first date place. It's more for those of you who are married or who've been dating someone for a while and want to try a new casual spot instead of a chain restaurant. The restaurant is bright, open and showcases local artists' work on the walls.

My date and I both enjoyed our crepes. My date shared some of his savory crepe with me, and I know I'll be ordering it if I make the trek back to Frisco. It was scrumptious. Of course I'll have to get a sweet one too, since we didn't try the Banana Nutella crepe. Surprisingly, my bubble tea went pretty well with the crepe. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it -- too many bubbles.

If you're looking for an alternative to pancakes and omelets or get a hankering for crepes like we did, go check out Café Flair -- the menu lists tons of choices that will please just about anyone. It may not be the most romantic café, but the flavorful crepes could heighten your senses, and who knows where things could go from there.