Southpaws and Its Organic-y Goodness Comin' to Uptown

Like a bat outa' organic hell, Southpaws is making its way to McKinney Avenue, where they'll open up their second Dallas location right alongside Frankie's Sports Bar in early September.

Their new digs will include a big ol' patio for folks looking to sit back under the hot Texas sun and indulge in an organic beer, organic glass of wine, or maybe a little organic sangria. Orgria, if you will.

The healthy-food-lovin' folks behind Southpaws will be bringing along their expansive breakfast and lunch menus seen at their Berkshire location, in addition to - wait for ittttt - a brand-spankin'-new dinner menu! Say's Southpaws owner TJ Frank:

I feel like there is a serious void in the area for a healthy, natural and organic option, especially for dinner. So with that said, we will be open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Bless you, TJ. You're like a philanthropist, only instead of giving money, you're giving natural foods with no added sugars, syrups, or preservatives. The list of new dishes on their way to the McKinney location includes turkey burgers, portobello mushroom burgers, and whole wheat pasta with grilled chicken breast.

Welcome to McKinney Avenue, Southpaws. We think you'll fit in just fine.