Eat This

How Dallas Chefs Grill: The Tools, the Meat and the Techniques

We tracked down a few Dallas chefs to get a little insight on how a Memorial Day cookout in their backyard might look, taste and smell. From grills and smokers to favorite cuts of meat, plus some tips for the novice, let their words serve as inspiration as grilling season officially begins this weekend.

Grills, Smokers and More From a simple, small charcoal grill to a DDP Fat 40 good for serving 200 people, minimalist to extravagance, it's all a matter of personal style. Although sometimes a stroke of luck plays a part...

Brian Luscher, The Grape: A custom trailer-mounted smoker: a Diamond Plate Pit, Fat 40 squared. It's the apple of my eye. I could easily cook for 100 people on this thing. I finally figured out the perfect damper settings; she'll hold 225 degrees for hours.

At home I have a smaller smoker - -an Oklahoma Joe's Horizontal model. They don't make 'em like that any more. Also have a Captain Cook four-burner gas grill. It's nice when you just want to throw something on the grill. I also have a little Lodge cast iron hunter's hibachi. I wish I cooked more on this one; it always looks like it's ready to go on an adventure.