Eat This

East Hampton's Burger Is Not the Burger Dallas Needs, But It's the Burger Dallas Deserves

The good news is: Dallas will not crumble tomorrow if a new cheeseburger isn't debuted in the city limits. All new cheeseburgers are welcome, of course: I'm not purporting some sort of cheeseburger xenophobia here. I'm just saying that on the burger majesty scale we here in Dallas are Burger Kings. We've got Offsite Kitchen and Maple and Motor if you're on the West side, Bolsa and Boulevardier's beautiful thing if you're up near where Lee Harvey Oswald's house was, Hopdoddy if you're somewhere in the middle there and feeling thrifty, Keller's if you're feeling more thrifty, and Holy Grail has a special burger if you're in Plano. You're covered.

So, really, there's no need for East Hampton Sandwich Company to make a great burger. There's nothing in the restaurant's name that says bun, happy, Donald's, cheesed, hambomb, beef coaster, meat disc, beef seat, beef hole cover, lettuce rester, sliderous beeferous, angus wheels, cow circles, planet meat, meat wreaths or grass-fed bovine medallions. East Hampton doesn't need a burger, but there it is on the menu, being delicious.

Sure, the sandwiches are kick ass. Just don't overlook that burger.

You know it's staring at you, right? The two patties come with melted, aged cheddar, lightly dressed lettuce, a Sriracha Dijonaise that fastidiously cuts through the richness. You can get pickles, onion and jalapenos too, which is something you should do.

There's something instantly addicting about the burger (note: you're NOT saving half of this thing). And you're probably going to eat every single last morsel, probably by pressing your index finger to the tiny shards, of those super crispy, house made chips. The bun was so light and fluffy that I'm pretty sure I accidentally vacuumed it to my mouth with an excited inhale.

It's not cheap at $9.58, plus tax, but this burger will make you smile. I think it's got something to do with the way the flavors combine to form this upscale fast food spark. This isn't one of those diner behemoths that pours hot grease down your wrists -- it's more like you're eating the first-ever well-made version of the Big Mac, sans middle bread. There's even the pop from the seeded bun.

You may not be driving to East Hampton Sandwich Company for the burger (the Meyer Lemon chicken sandwich is also awesome and those doughnuts and the lobster roll gahhhh), nor do you even need EHSC to have a burger.

But they do, and it's got Sriracha Dijonaise.