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Feargal McKinney, Owner of the Old Monk and Blackfriar, on the Magic of an Old Irish Whiskey

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Feargal McKinney came to the U.S. after college to see the sights and do a bit of traveling. After some time in New York City, he took the scenic route to California and stopped in Dallas to visit a friend and essentially never left -- partially because he got stuck here, but mostly because he liked it.

After a lifelong career in the restaurant and pub business, McKinney now owns The Old Monk, The Idle Rich Pub, Blackfriar Pub and Renfield's Corner. All of which this Irishman will have hopping on St. Patrick's Day.

What did you like about Dallas when you stopped in for a visit over two decades ago? I arrived in March and the weather was just like this, gorgeous. After being in New York where it was so cold, it was lovely. Also it was much easier to find work here and the people were really nice. It was easier to break in and make friends.