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Trader Joe Continues Sprawl into Southlake, While North Dallas Store Plans to Open mid-2014

Trader Joe's has just announced a new store in Southlake at the northwest corner of Southlake Blvd and Central Avenue within the Southlake town square. This is just north of Central Market on the other side of Southlake Blvd. If the all permits and plans are approved, they will begin construction in January and hope to open in October of 2014.

See Also: - I Braved the New Trader Joe's Only to Discover That They Have Zero Cold Beers - 10 Things I'm Excited About Buying When Trader Joe's Opens on Greenville The two-story store will weigh-in at 13,500 square feet and will sell both beer and wine; although based on previous experiences, that beer might be warm. And then there's the Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter those other items that have a cult-like following.

Trader Joe's is known for its slightly off-banter marketing and unique assortment of domestic and imported foods, including 3,000 items under their own private label, including Two Buck Chuck wine that costs $3.00.

This will make the ninth store in Texas, with another slated for Katy, Texas, outside of Houston. In the North Texas area, there's the recently opened store on Lower Grenville, Plano and a new store in North Dallas at Walnut Hill Lane that should open mid-2014.