Eat This

Open Sesame

It's no mystery that we're a fan of sweet treats around these parts. And thanks to our last Best of Dallas issue, it's also no mystery that we dig on the Natsumi gelato. We've given props to the organic partially-organic gelato purveyor for hand-cranking flavors that taste so much like the real thing it's sorta dumbfounding at times.

I go to Natsumi quite a bit in protest of this frozen yogurt craze that's sweeping the nation--yeah, I get the fat-free yogurt benefits, but gelato is so much more a craft. It's not just poured into a machine and frozen. Oh, I'll eat the yo, I just prefer the 'to. But I digress.

So, I hit up the Henderson joint for a little creative inspiration and found a flavor I'd never associated with dessert: black sesame.

Oh sweet seedstuff, it's good. It's so wrong it's right. It's so confusing it's perfect. The gelato tastes like a sesame seed. It's creamy and sweet but also a savory kind of way. I went back for a tasty little 1-20-09 celebration last night and tried it again to be sure. Yep. Still amazing. The shop says customers are settled in two camps: lovers of the black sesame and those that are pretty freaked out by it, but overall the response has been positive.

Sure, it's a little unsettling to order up a charcoal gray dessert, but do try. Or taste test any of the other flavors: pistachio (a personal favorite), azuki bean (lightly sweet), red velvet (tastes just like the traditional "almost chocolate" red velvet cake with cream icing), green tea, almond, pomegranate and more. My gelato mate didn't take to the black sesame (wuss!) but he did say the brownie kicked certain frozen ass, so there's that testimony as well.