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@RuthBourdain Finally Outed by The Times

Ruth Bourdain (@RuthBourdain)
The birds are louder than fuck this morning. Breakfast of black beans, tortillas, and salsa causing fragrant, ozone-destroying flatulence.
That's one of the latest tweets by Josh Friedland, the Internet personality you've more likely gotten to know as @RuthBourdain. The New York Times just outed Friedland, describing him as a mild-mannered freelance writer in Maplewood, New Jersey.

The Times also takes a shot at the James Beard Award humor category, opining that it was created solely to flush out RuthBourdain's identity. Friedland was nominated and won the award in 2012. He never showed up to claim it.

Our very own Alice Laussade was nominated in 2012 as well, and again this year when she ultimately won the award. Her shiv-wielding cheapskate ways have entertained Observer readers for years.

As for @RuthBourdain, the big question now is, what's next? Does the character lose its allure now that the shroud has been lifted, or will everyone remain as hungry for tweets about deep-throating asparagus?