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Wanted: Philadelphia-Style Hoagies

Last week, using your wisdom as my guide, I set out to discover Dallas' most authentic Buffalo-style chicken wings. And it worked. You lead me to Bryan Street, and Bryan Street led me to saucy contentment. So this week, dear Aters, a new mission, should your lunchtime hunger pangs choose to accept it: Philly-style hoagies.

I've got a serious love-hate thing going with the city of bro-love. Their sports fans are some of the angriest, nastiest people I've ever interacted with. They also have an unbelievable sandwich scene.

Cheesesteaks are fine, but my heart's valves will always belong to an Italian hoagie with shredded lettuce, onions and tomatoes shaved paper thin and a simple dressing of oil and vinegar.

Philly has a shop selling sandwiches like this on nearly every corner. With such demand, bakeries have specialized in and perfected their rolls. These aren't doughy, fluffy, soft rolls that reduce to mush when subjected to marinara. A good hoagie roll is crusty, well baked and sturdy. They have a dense chewy character that's a real work-out for your jaw. Coupled with high quality Italian meats the rolls make a compelling sandwich.

The best part about those rolls is in addition to holding up to wet ingredients, they can stand up to a little time in the fridge too. I've always ordered a sandwich a little larger than I'm hungry for, just so I can take the butcher paper wrapped home. With time the bread absorbs oil and meat flavors, and softens a little. Waking up hungover to a treasure like this in your fridge can be lifesaving.

Sturdy roll, shredded lettuce and high quality meat: If you've got a favorite such sandwich in the Metroplex, let us know. I'll go eat and report back.