Friday's Lettuce Wrap Up: Now With Fresh Greens

Have you been outside today? While things may feel a little overcast over at the State Fair on account of Big Tex's mishap, the rest of Dallas is bright and sunny with a cool, fall breeze. It's time to kick off our weekends, but first there's a week to wrap up.

This week I reviewed Monica's new restaurant on Cedar Spring Road. There were a few problems with some of the dishes, but most of the menu was good. It's a nice addition to the neighborhood.

We also took a first look at three new restaurants. Foodbitch visited The Greek, which officially opens tonight in One Arts Plaza, while LDD checked out the biscuit orgy that is Jack's Southern Comfort. Meanwhile C-Downes paid a visit to the new gluten-free bakery in the West Village and came back with some serious food porn.

Are you having a problem with food porn? Maybe we should talk about it.

Over on the Eats Blog, Leslie Brenner reviewed Boulevardier and awarded two stars. She also laid the smackdown on queso and lived to tell about it. The post spurred our own discussion, here.

On Side Dish Carol has a look at Mesa's new fall menu. If you haven't visited Oak Cliff's most celebrated Mexican restaurant you have a new excuse. Meanwhile Nancy pulled out the plastic at the Mansion and gushed about Bruno's cooking.

Mike Hiller has the open date for Grain over on the Escape Hatch. Would you believe it's another farm-to-table restaurant? And doesn't most food start on a farm of some sort, and end up on a table of some sort? Meanwhile the Taco Trailer pays a visit to Taco Party. He's feeling the food truck's latest taco offering.

Finally, over on Culture Map, T-Gubbs has a story on the Mi Cocina folks slapping a suit on Mi Cocina Hondurena. You could ask what's in a name, but business is brutal -- especially when you have money for lawyers.

See you guys next week.