Eat This

Pecan Lodge and Hypnotic Donuts Made a Barbecue Biscuit

Just when you think Pecan Lodge can't possibly do something that's better than its delicious smoked meats, they join forces with Hypnotic Donuts, the lovable Lakewood donut shop known for its stoner-friendly pastry-and-biscuit arsenal. When the two come together, it's nothing short of magic.

Enter the Lurlene, a delicious breakfast creation inspired by the barky, smoky flavors of Pecan Lodge.

Alongside the peanut-butter-and-gravy topped and chicken-breast stuffed biscuits that are always on the menu, Lurlene is something special. Instead of their typical from-scratch biscuit canvas, Hypnotic Donuts has added sweet potato to the dough in homage to Pecan Lodge's famous brisket-stuffed Hot Mess.

The biscuit is slightly more crumbly than the plain-jane iteration, but the additional sweetness makes it worth a little mess. Thankfully, there's plenty of juicy, greasy pulled pork to hold the whole thing all together. In the spirit of the epic chicken breasts that typically grace the biscuits here, there's enough pork here to fully prepare you for a nap once you've finished eating. A few generous slices of Pecan Lodge's house-twisted smoked sausage drive home the coma-inducing goodness.

A roasted pepper and pecan jam from local artisan jelly maker JJ&B adds a little flair to the Lurlene, and completes the biscuit with a necessary touch of acidity. Somewhat surprisingly, there's none of Pecan Lodge's own barbecue sauce on the biscuit, but the jam makes a perfectly acceptable stand-in. A few slices of fresh jalapeño add a little crunch and freshness, but you should probably prepare yourself for some serious spice.

But you'll want to get there quickly, because something this good definitely doesn't last forever. Each month, Hypnotic Donuts invites in a local chef or restaurant to mastermind their own breakfast creations, so you can only expect to see the Lurlene on the board through the end of the month. At only $7, you really have no excuse not to blow off work and drive to White Rock before they close at noon today.