How 'Bout Them Knockers: Tiff's Treats

Each week in 'Knockers' we order from a different delivery restaurant, assessing their efficiency and keeping a running score.

Tiff's Treats
1001 Ross Avenue

Promised delivery time: 3:00 p.m.
Actual delivery time: 3:00 p.m.

Scoring summary:
Being able to order cookies, brownies, milk, etc. for an afternoon sugar rush: 50 (no joke)
Having the option to split dozens between different flavors: 10
Having butterscotch chip as a available flavor: 5
Cookies arriving still warm from the oven: 20
Blowing the recommended sugar allowance for an average person in approx. 10 minutes: -13
Being the person who is supplying warm cookies to co-workers: 17
That smell: 8

Total Score: 97

2010 Standings (So Far)
Tiff's Treats 97
Hong Kong Express 82
Greenz 80
Sal's Pizza 74
Thai 2 Go 72
Chili's 68

See complete 2008-2010 standings here

OK, so normally in Knockers, we feature delivery services that offer full-on meals. But I decided this week to change things up a bit. Who says other "restaurants" aren't allowed? And c'mon, everyone has made a meal of warm gooey cookies at one time or another.

So this morning, I saw that Tiff's Treats was having a special on Valentine's Day orders. Cute little red box, special ordering options--that sort of thing. But then I thought, "That's fine and all, but I want cookies today, and I'm sure my coworkers aren't going to disagree." So I checked out the Tiff's Treats site. Now, this would normally be where I pretend I've never ordered from them before and don't know the menu or prices already, except today something stood out. Butterscotch chip?

It's been years--possibly decades--since yours truly has had a butterscotch cookie. And while I've ordered Tiff's cookies before, been given their cookies and even noshed on other people's delivered cookies, I'd never noticed that butterscotch was an option. After a week of cold/flu, this was going to be a great day.

I polled others amongst the edit staff and then rang up ol' Tiff's. I could've ordered online (another awesome thing about Dallas cookie delivery), but I had an important question. The dude on the other end was super nice, really efficient and even helped me pick my third flavor. I told him I needed a dozen oatmeal chocolate chip (the favorite amongst the editorial boys), and a half dozen butterscotch, and asked if he recommended Snickerdoodles or sugar cookies for the other half. "Snickerdoodles. For sure," he said quickly and I took his suggestion. Don't ever doubt a confident an enthusiastic response during a cookie consult, that's what I always say.

Unlike other restaurants, Tiff's lets you decide when you'd like your order delivered, so the category of delivery time is a bit different than under normal circumstances. Instead of speed, I'm rating punctuality. And at 3:00 p.m. on the dot--which was my requested delivery time--I received a call from our fair receptionist that I had cookies up front--which is not as sordid a statement as it might seem without the background.

I signed the receipt and grabbed the box--warm to the touch. I let Elizabeth take her pic and then headed back to the newsroom to dole out the goodies. I was greeted with "Mmm, thank you!"s, and a "Are we allowed to take two?" from a certain wise columnist. And now people are still trickling back to my desk to partake in a Treat (or two). Everyone seems happy and content and the vibe around here is decidedly after-school-snack.

Regarding flavors, the oatmeal chocolate chip is always a winner, combining two beloved cookies into one and eliminating the sometimes loathed (depending on who ya are) raisin. Snickerdoodles is a classic, tender treat that is deceptively sweet. Sugar and peanut butter--while not ordered this round, but have been enjoyed during earlier Tiff's encounters--are also recommended. But it was the butterscotch chip that really got me excited. It was so soft and tasted so much like elementary school that it might earn "favorite flavor" honors. Not as overwhelming as peanut butter and not as super-sweet as chocolate chip, the butterscotch chips were a subtle statement in their golden dough. A solid choice.

So, let this be a lesson, nay, a few lessons to you: Randomly order cookies for your co-workers on a rainy day. Try the butterscotch chip. And, if you want to get your honey Tiff's Treats for Valentine's Day, um, call now (or order online).