Eat This

And The Winner Is...

What a great week. We got to talk about bacon, Formula 1 and beer. College football season started and I have chips and salsa left over from the Pairing Off story.

All set for the long weekend.

Oh--some cool prize material came in this week, too--including a bag of beans from Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters and some vials of Texas honey. Um, and a can of Campbell's tomato soup.

We need to come up with some contest ideas so I can clear the shelf in my office. Got any? All our ideas fizzle.

In the meantime, here are our favorite (non-prize winning) comments from this week:

Worzel Gummidge (responding to the margarita battle): "Which one got your car further when poured into the battery?"

bruce (speaking about Babe's): "Just don't go to the one in Carrollton during Sunday lunch. With the huge church crowd and the singing waitresses, I couldnt help but feel like I had crashed a Davidian lunch at the old Waco compound. And all that wood framing started to make me nervous."

Pickle-Tini2 (responding to the bacon-related Top 10 list): "I remember once a while back, on a health kick, my husband and I tried turkey bacon. We both agreed that it would taste much better fried in bacon grease!"

runDMC (quoting something from our interview with a Carrollton tea shop owner): "...gotta have my jasmine!" Whoa, hold that crazed wild man down. Better tie him up until the fever passes. Seriously, best of luck. Sounds like a work of passion."

Good stuff

So we have a stash of about 20 books, a couple lunch boxes, the coffee, a beer coozy stolen from the Observer's Back Page sales staff (which probably needs cleaning), one DVD, some magic seasoning blend and a bunch of other stuff ready to hand out.

Someone come up with a good contest idea.