Modern Mexican, Drunken Olympics and Dining In The Bubble: This Week in Dallas Dining

Wrapping up that work day and getting ready to head home watch the Olympics and do some drinking? Easy now. The gymnastics events are in full swing and Alice's instruction to drink every time you see a wedgie promises to intoxicate an entire planet. Before you pick up your shot glass, we have a week to wrap up.

This week I reviewed Komali, the contemporary Mexican restaurant opened by Abraham Salum a year and a half ago. While the dining room was packed most nights, I found the food flat and timid. Hopefully other upscale Mexican restaurants will eventually get the cojones to serve up the interesting dishes that are commonplace in Dallas' dingy taquerias. Stephan Pyles looks like he might be willing to give it a try.

Elsewhere on CoA we talked to Jeff Harris about the closure of Craft, vegetables and his weekly communal table dinners. We also found a new 24-hour diner coming to the West Village.

Our resident Englishman went for a weekend drive to check out the barbecue at Off the Bone, and we ate a whole lot of cheese fries.

Also the Boulevadier opened in Oak Cliff and we managed to get a few pictures and also found a few alternative chicken sandwiches you can order if you're feeling down on Chick-fil-A.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviews Acme F&B and awards three stars. She also spends considerable time in a scathing piece that looks at dining in the Park City neighborhoods.

Over on Side Dish Carol Shih ate a Texas-shaped waffle in Mansfield, and Nancy Nichols was completely quiet. I wonder where she's vacationing this week?

Crave DFW has an interview with Monica Greene this week. The restaurateur opened Nueva Cocina last night for a test run. The restaurant will permanently open next week.

On Texas Eats Robb Walsh has a recipe for creamer peas and ham that sounds dangerously close to a dish that played a supporting roll for a pork chop I had at Acme F&B a few weeks ago.

And Entree Dallas has a profile of Patina Green a McKinney restaurant recently named by the Food Network Magazine for producing Texas' best sandwich.

Time to get out of here. Have fun watching the games, and be sure to come back next week where we'll talk a little more about Acme F&B, find some great handcrafted sandwiches for a neurotic kid, and pound an entire pie from Serious Pizza.