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Baked Chicken Makes Aussies Think of Texas

Another overseas McDonald's is affixing the "Texas" adjective to one of its newest menu items in hopes of making it more popular with the eating public.

Two months after the release of McDonald's Japan's Texas 2 Burger, McDonald's/Australia has begun testing its Texas Chicken Skewers at 44 restaurants in South Australia. Unlike the Texas 2 Burger, which paid a plausible edible homage to the Lone Star State with beef and chili beans, the skewers aren't immediately reminiscent of anything Texan. The $2 skewers (also available in a $5 three-skewer pack) are threaded with chicken, a snack more akin to street foods served in Southeast Asia.

But, unlike most chicken skewers, the Texas Chicken Skewers are oven-baked. "When you look at our core menu, the things that people love about McDonald's, I still think that we need to find ways to evolve our core menu where you don't have to sacrifice taste for health," McDonald's/Australia managing director Catriona Noble told The Sydney Morning Herald in a story quoted by the Burger Business website.

Other new oven-baked items include a chicken parmigiana wrap and fish nuggets shaped like stars.

The skewers haven't been an immediate hit at McDonald's, affectionately known down under as Macca's.

"Personally, I don't think the chicken skewers will last. They're a bit odd tasting," a comment writer on a local online forum opined. "Who wants to munch on a skewer from McDonald's really? Be better if it was thrown into a wrap like a kebab or something, with skewer removed."

Another writer with behind-the-scenes experience agreed:

"Damn, were they a pain to make," the commenter wrote.