Beer and Coffee Make Compelling Partners At Mudsmith

Earlier this year, I wrote about a makeshift drink served at Ascension that makes use of Guinness and espresso. The combination results in a caffeinated beer drink that puts Red Bull and vodka to shame. Still it's not on the menu, and it never got a name. Russell Hayward, who owns the shop, says a few people have come in to try it, but it doesn't sound like the idea caught on.

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Now Mudsmith, the East Dallas coffee shop and wine bar, has stepped up to the plate with their own version. They're calling the drink the Fracker Bomb. I've had two of the drinks since I've discovered the item, and I'm resisting the urge to run over there this second with my laptop to order a third. It's a thick, rich and bitter beverage that drinks like a morning meal.

The Fracker Bomb gets its name from Mother's Little Fracker, the Revolver Brewing stout that clocks in at 7.75 percent ABV. The dark and slightly sweet brew is a cask conditioned stout that pours with thick, brown-colored head and pairs perfectly with Mudsmith's Four Barrel Coffee from San Francisco.

A barista at the bar told me they've been selling the drink for about three weeks now and while it's not their most popular beverage, it has developed a small following. That may change soon though. Mudsmith is in the process of printing new menus and the Fracker Bomb will be included. Go forth and drink one.