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Bad News: Goghee To Go Taco is Closing. Awesome News: They're Reopening BIGGER!

News this morning from Goghee To Go, maker of Korean barbeque tacos at 2222 Inwood Road, is that the small drive through spot is now closed, but will open in a larger spot soon.

The Goghee on Inwood was about as unassuming as a Korean-Mexican fusion taco place could be. Their beef goghee "transvestite tacos" caused Cheap Bastard's brain to completely freak out. The combo of bold Korean spices with fresh pico, salsa and cabbage slaw tossed in a warm corn tortilla was a glorious mess. Then, there's the whole kimchee element.

And the tiny drive through was a little bit crazy. Actually, I'll miss it.

But, they're expanding to a larger space with seating, so that's a positive.

"We're moving to an INDOOR location at 635 and the Tollway at the former La Paloma Taco and Dunn Bros. Coffee space," said Janice with Goghee.

The official address is 4895 LBJ Freeway and they plan to open in about two months.

The new name will simply be Goghee. They're already working on the grand opening, which will surely involve more brain freak-out.