Food News

Pastazios is Bringing its New York-Style Pizza to Fitzhugh

The gentrification of Fitzhugh Avenue continues: A sign bearing the name Pastazios New York Pizza has just popped up at 2519 Fitzhugh, just east of Central Expressway and right next to late-night pho spot Dalat.

There's already a Pastazios in the mixed residential and retail development at Addison Circle that opened in 1999; a second location opened on Hall Street in 2004 but closed in early 2010. (Word on the street is that the Uptown outpost cut ties with the OG Addison location in 2008 and things went downhill from there.)

Pastazios' menu offers your standard New York-style pizzeria fare, including pies by the slice, strombolis, calzones, cold and hot subs and salads. One has to hope that they'll offer late-night hours to catch the post-bar crowd -- something the deceased Uptown location apparently failed to do -- as well as delivery to cater to the recent boom of new apartment buildings in the area.

No word yet on when Pastazios will open its doors.