Meatless Monday: Now Served With a Side of Cash

The unfaltering advocates of Meatless Monday challenge you to extend your Monday foray into vegetarianism into the entire month of October. The whole month. Four weeks. No meat.

That includes fish, you silly pescetarians.

Why, you ask? Today is World Vegetarian Day, as well as the ceremonious first day of Vegetarian Awareness Month. Don't groan yet, there's a cash incentive involved.

The North American Vegetarian Society (NAVS) is an advocacy group founded in 1977 and boasts a massive following of supporters of their mission to bring a vegetarian lifestyle to the masses. They also have an annual conference, the Vegetarian Summerfest, in which medical professionals, farmers, dieticians, chefs and authors spend a few summer days giving lectures and presentations on the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle. They invite non-vegetarians to educate themselves on the movement and are fully aware that giving up meat in all forms is a lot to ask.

So in a bit of a bold move, as part of the Vegetarian Awareness Month hullabaloo, they are asking for pledges from non-vegetarians to abstain from what they feel is the most wicked of vices.

Plunking down your name in the online Vegetarian Pledge could land you $250 for a Meatless Monday done right; one week of meatlessness will get you $500; and going balls to the wall vegetarian for the entire month of October could fatten up your wallet by $1,000. (It's a random drawing, so you an expect the odds of winning to be pretty long, but then so are the odds against a devoted hamburger eater making it a month without ground chuck.) According to the rules, the contest is based on the honor system. Not surprising given that preserving a clean conscience is one of the most popular angles vegetarian advocates use in order to reel in potential converts.

The moral of the story: If the Rangers decide to extend beastmode well into October, that's a lot of veggie dogs. Worth it? I think so.