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Local Food Blog, In Sock Monkey Slippers, Nominated by Saveur Magazine

The fancy-pants gourmet food and travel magazine, Saveur, has recently nominated a Dallas-based blog In Sock Monkey Slippers for a food blog award. Meredith Steele is the one in funny socks. She started cooking when she traded in her craft as a graphic-designer to be a stay-at-home-mom. The transition left her with a "yearning for a creative outlet" that changing diapers just couldn't fulfill. So, she started cooking, then she got completely serious about it.

I peruse this blog on occasion. The photos draw me in, the very unchildlike narrative keeps me there and the recipes inspire me to cook new things -- or just eat. Yeah, mostly eat.

Saveur has nominated the blog under the category of "best kids' cooking," even though I've never viewed it as that. It's geared towards fresh, whole family meals. Example, sage and garlic roasted chicken with pomegranate and black pepper glaze would suffice for any adult meal, no? And these cheese stuffed pretzel bites with rosemary salt -- if/when I make those, the kids will be rationed a very small portion (if they're lucky).

The bacon Gruyere beer bread is certainly a looker too. And Steele is quite convincing: "You've trained all year for this. You're wearing your baggy pants and the belt with an extra hole just for this moment."

She's writing about Thanksgiving for that particular post, but, you know, she gets us.

And around Christmas the cookbook review saved me from standing in a bookstore for two hours. The My Favorite Cookbooks for Christmas post covered all of the big ones of the season with a straightforward, quick review.

You'll have to register with Saveur to vote. Either way, check out this lemon roulade with honey mascarpone buttercream. Yeah, we're gonna need bigger pants. Go vote.