Happy Holiday, Vino-heads: It's National Wine Day

Every couple'a months, a truly transcendental holiday comes along. One that crosses religious and cultural boundaries, makes us take a firm step back, and realize just how thankful we all should be -- for merlot. And chardonnay. And pinot noir and Franzia and, hell, even Boone's Farm -- whatever your fermented grape bag may be. Well today, May 25, is one of those holidays.

Happy National Wine Day, friends. It's finally here.

This day, of course, is not to be confused with National Drink Wine Day, which occurred just over three months ago. Still, even if today's holiday namesake doesn't explicitly direct us to drink as it did this past February, one can assume the creators of such a holiday (bloggers? Hallmark? God?) intended for some sippin', perhaps even some guzzlin', to take place.

To oblige the anonymous creator(s) of the years second wine-centric holiday, go grab a couple glasses of any wine at Vino 100 in Dallas for half-off from 5-7 p.m. After you're done there, it couldn't hurt to stop by Mercy Wine Bar, whose happy hour tonight lasts from 4-7 p.m. If you're looking to indulge in wine along with some delish food, we'd suggest making it happen at The Grape Restaurant, Dallas' oldest wine bistro. There, Eric Swindle of Serendipity Wine will lead a discussion on wine pairing followed by a three-course meal, with each meal featuring a perfectly-paired French wine. Reservations are recommended for this $45 wine fest.

If you do choose to celebrate Wine Day 2K11, just make sure to put your party hats where you can easily find them again, as tomorrow is National Christ-wine-hangovers-are-the-worst-ever Day. Cheers.