Your 2013 Dallas Restaurants Bucket List

Moving is a strange thing. Flashy and exciting visualizations of the road ahead overstimulate, while a library of warm memories prompts longing as you realize you will never have those experiences in the same way again. Sure, you can buy a plane ticket and revisit plenty of them, but those experiences will never be yours in the same way. You can't go home again.

So when @eliseparramore tweeted that she was leaving Dallas for New York City, and that she was willing to trust me with some of her final meals, I jumped on the opportunity to create a bucket list. Not only is a bucket list a compelling way to say goodbye to a city you're about to leave, but it's also a great way for those of us who remain to take stock the things that can make life great. Every day should be prioritized with a list of our favorite things -- yet we never seem to make the list until we're forced to.