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Dallas' Meat Queen Wants to Know: Where Can I Find the Best Vegetarian Food In Dallas?

Alice Laussade is a longtime Dallas writer and the founder of Meat Fight.

I decided to go vegetarian for a month, just to see how the meatless live. After a week and a half, I can tell you that the vegetarian people of Dallas are offered a lot of cheese enchiladas, hummus, and, "Well, you could just order a bunch of sides and make that your entree?"

It is, of course, easier to make your vegetarian meals at home than it is to find something vegetarian to eat at restaurants. But, if you are headed out to a restaurant, breakfast has been the easiest meal of the day to go vegetarian.

I can also tell you that my friends have been super supportive.

A week and a half of egg tacos and "I'll take that Chicken Safari salad only without the chicken," and I'm accepting that I need help, Dallas vegetarians. So: Where's your favorite vegetarian meal in Dallas?

Indian, Thai, Vietnamese -- all these have been extremely vegetarian-friendly. Now, can you point me to the best places? I've only got a few more weeks, and I'd rather skip the dumpy curry and go straight to the delicious, angels-banging-angels curry.

I'm not afraid of any vegetable. Eggplant isn't my favorite, but if you tell me there's a fantastic eggplant situation somewhere that'll blow my eggplant-hating mind, I'll try it.

Let's assume I've already eaten at Kalachandji's for six days straight, and that Cosmic Cafe and Spiral Diner are on my radar. Now, I'm looking for places where I can find vegetarian options while my friends eat an entire cow. Or pig face.

Tell me where you go for the absolute best vegetarian options. Cheap is best, because I don't like spending $40 on watermelon bisque every day. You tell me where to go, I will then put my face on that food and report my findings.