Eat This

The Banana Pot de Creme at Malai Thai Wants You, and You Want it Back

Friday's chilly temps made for a soup kind of day, so I headed to Malai Thai, knowing that I'd get something hearty with a little heat. The bartender set me up with a bowl of Thai coconut soup, which was fantastic. Then, a few minutes after I was done with my healthy meal, the bartender asked if he could talk me into dessert.

No talking-into-necessary.

The coconut pie gets a lot of buzz at Malai Thai, but I was drawn to the very last item on the menu, the Banana Pot de Creme. It looked me right in the eyes and said, You know you want it.

The dessert comes in a bowl with a rich, thick banana custard at the bottom, which isn't over-loaded with banana flavor. It's perfectly subtle. Chef Braden Wages explained that instead of bruleing the custard, they brulee the bananas, making it their twist on the traditional crème brulee.

There are two thin pieces of dark chocolate sprinkled with bits of peanuts. The chocolate is delicate but strong enough to scoop through the custard, which is the best way to approach this dish: gently swipe the dark chocolate through the thick custard, then top with a small piece of bruleed banana. It's my new favorite dessert.