Eat This

Oink And Moo Is Serving A Monster Sandwich For Lunch, You Should Hurry. (Also, You're the Best, Dad.)

OinknMoo food truck, which hit the streets earlier this year, just posted a picture of a monster sandwich called The Hulky. This looker (that could kill) is made with two-thirds of a pound of meat including smoky sliced brisket, a hot link and pork topped with two strips of hickory smoked bacon, sauce and a handful of homemade fried onion strings all squeezed between two pieces of Texas toast.


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You can find OinknMoo right now at 2725 Villa Creek in Farmer's Branch, which is more specifically just north of LBJ, between Josey Lane and Ford Road. Got that?

OinknMoo made this sandwich for the old man. It's his birthday. Happy birthday to all of us.