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Chef Erron Star Depew: It's OK When She Slices at TopGolf

Erron Star Depew is the chef at the new TopGolf location in Allen. Yes, you heard me right. Chef. TopGolf. Allen. Just because folks are swinging clubs doesn't mean they don't want to eat well too. At least that's what Depew figured when she created the groovy menu that includes brisket chili, a California burger (with fresh avocado, red onion and basil pesto aioli) and mushi (think Mexican sushi -- chicken wrapped in jalapeno-cheddar tortillas, served with Sriracha sauce and avocado).

Depew says traveling to Colorado, New Mexico, Hawaii and Chicago informed her cooking as did working in Dallas as a personal chef for celebs like Ross Perot and Janine Turner.

Who are you? I was born in Florida and raised in the Midwest and Manhattan. I moved to Dallas with my family when I was in junior high and this became my true home. From high school through culinary schools and the '90s I traveled, cooked and enjoyed single life.

I have been very fortunate to experience life through several different places, in the U.S. and abroad. My passion for food started at an early age. Traveling and being exposed to different cuisines matured my palate at a young age.

I took on the responsibility of cooking in our home. I was a latchkey kid, an only child in the '80s, so I had my afternoons/early evenings to invent and prepare dinner each night. Food magazines and cookbooks were the only reading I had an interest in. I am married to a chef, and the food business and everything that goes with that is my life.

How did you become attracted to the cuisine you currently cook? We cook what supports the game of TopGolf. The concept of TG is to have an entertaining menu that goes well with the game.

How did you get this gig? My husband worked with an associate of TG when Dallas site was under construction. He made the introduction and history was made.

What's the deal with food? The Food Network has made the culinary world explode. I went to culinary school before there was Food Network. I think it's great people are more educated about all aspects of food, but the "hype" of the chef profession can be frustrating. Being a chef is hard work and not always glamorous. You must love it to put in the time.

Who has eaten at your place and who do you expect to have as your guests? We have been very fortunate to have several famous sport figures (Dallas Cowboys, Mavericks, Dallas Stars and the golf circuit)...I am still waiting to see Bon Jovi or Willie Nelson.

Who works are your place? We have a great team. This facility draws all kinds of characters! Golf lovers, food industry, hospitality industry...My kitchens always seem to form their own eclectic vibe -- good music and good times.

What is up with the national food scene and how does your restaurant fit into it? We are unique in the sense that we have an innovative modern game and that keeps us in our own "scene." Our food is current and stays up with the casual current trends.

If you could be best friends with one Food Network person who would it be? Nigella Lawson

If you could stab one Food Network person who would it be? Everyone but Nigella

Why are so many people in the United States so fat? Don't get me started...I love Jamie Oliver and the message he is sending to our schools and families about obesity. I hate how our society is so rushed all the time that we don't take the time to take care of ourselves. It's tough in this day and age but you only get one body. Slow down and cook a meal.

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