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Dublin Dr Pepper -- Yes, The Actual Stuff from Dublin -- Returns to Maple & Motor's Tap

As Scott mentioned earlier, Jack Perkins, founding partner of the Maple & Motor burger mecca -- and once a proud provider of Dublin Dr Pepper on tap -- is joining forces with Dublin Bottling Company to serve up the other sodas by the still-standing indie soda company.

But that doesn't mean you'll never again see Dublin DP on Perkins' tap. Perkins told us yesterday that he's expecting a rather large shipment of Dublin Dr Pepper today, an arduous process involving a third party distributor and a premium price tag.

The supply will only last 12 to 15 weeks, but the moral of the story remains: Maple and Motor should have the unofficial beverage of Texas back on tap this week.

Perkins wasn't sure what he would do when this shipment runs out. Maybe a cream soda switch, maybe a resurrection of Dublin Up. But at least for the next few months, he can remove the sad little Post-It note on the spigot of regular Dr Pepper, warning customers of impending disappointment should they be seeking the Dr Pepper from those crazy Imperial Sugar wielding mofo's down in Dublin.