Whiskey, Oysters and the Death of Tex-Mex: This Week In Dallas Dining

Another weekend is here, the last before you're forced to indulge a week full of pies, turkeys, gravy, potatoes and all the other evils you wont be able to resist. Hope you took it easy after #burgerweek. If you're looking for something to do this weekend, LDD has some ideas for you here, but before you dash out of the office we've got a week to wrap up. This time in Velvet Taco style.

This week I reviewed Tried and True, a fun new bar from the Neighborhood Services Group with a killer whiskey list, some amazing oysters and a good collection of bar food. I harped on the music you might hear there, but that may likely change soon. Nick Badivinous called to tell me he knows it's an issue and they're looking to change it. Jug band?

If you're hungry for oysters, you can find some of my favorite places to slurp on the half shell here. Or if you're craving cajun cooking check out LDD's first look at the Farmer's Market's latest Les Bon Temps.

Over on the Eats Blog Leslie Brenner reviews Tried and True too! She awarded three stars and gushed about the crispy pig skins you can order as an appetizer.

On Side Dish Nancy Nichols reviews Nora on Greenville Avenue and claims she'd eat there twice a week if the restaurant was in her neighborhood, while Carol posts a quick review of the Good Vs. Evil show you might have missed in Fort Worth last weekend.

The Lakewood Advocate reports that the new Casa Linda Torchy's Tacos will open next month. Anyone craving a dirty sanchez?

And since we're talking tacos, Robb Walsh asks if Tex-Mex is dying, on his blog Texas Eats. Gustavo Arellano, who wrote Taco USA is dropping by Houston to address what constitutes "Mexican" food in the United States, what's "authentic" and what's "Taco Bell." I hope Walsh does another blog post covering the event.

Enjoy your weekend, and we'll see you right back here Monday morning.