Complaint Desk

Hypnotic Donuts Kills Dallas Observer

If you're noticing a light number of posts here on City of Ate, or on any other Observer blog, you should know we've been a little distracted as of late.

It seems Hypnotic Donuts has installed a massive billboard just outside our news room window, and it's making everyone a little crazy. Joe Tone keeps pacing around the office bitching about his low-carb diet, and our copy editor Jesse won't stop pointing out that psychadelicious is spelled wrong.

I'm not immune. I've been gazing out the window for days wondering why anyone would take a beautiful and simple fried pastry and top it with what looks like Golden Grahams, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate frosting, and a drizzle of more chocolate.

Who knew a noisy doughnut would be the death of print media.