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Bourdain's Last Season Of No Reservations Starts With Daniel Vaughn In Austin

Anthony Bourdain's final season of No Reservations kicks off September, 3. The season opens in Austin with Dallas' very own Daniel Vaughn guiding the popular chef/author/traveler through the smoky motions at Franklin Barbecue. News of Vaughn's appearance on the show leaked after the Texas barbecue sherpa announced a book deal backed by Bourdain.

Prophets of Smoked Meat, a tour of the best barbecue joints Vaughn found across Texas, is due out this spring. Bourdain went as far as calling Vaughn the Barbecue Yoda, and joined him in Austin to check out Franklin, waiting in line just like the rest of the customers before indulging brisket he described as "un-fucking-believable."

If you want to read a little more about Vaughn and his accession as a brisket Messiah, check out our profile here. As soon as Vaughn sends us the details on his viewing party, we'll be sure to publish his home address. See you guys there.