French Fast-Food Chain Introduces the Star Wars Burger Line, Including One on a Black Bun

So here's what you're looking at: the Frenchy-Belgiany fast food chain Quick, in honor of the Star Wars: Episode One Phantom Menace Shit Show in the Three Dimensions, is producing a line of Star Wars burgers. They will be available January 31, according to Eater.

Tracking down what the hell is exactly on these burgers has proved very difficult, so we'll just make sure and point out THAT THE DARK VADOR BURGER IS ON A BLACK BUN. Terrified, we are.

A few more observations to discuss:

1. What in the hell is "Dark Vador" 2. What in the hell is on top of the Jedi Burger patties? Scallops? Curds? 3. What in the hell is in that creamy sauce?

We'll keep an eye on this one before George Lucas adds CGI. And kudos to France for upping the ante on ridiculous fast food creations. There is a new bar, and it's higher than the highest fucking kite in the land.