Eat This

And The Winner Is...

A hell of a lot to wade through this week, mostly thanks to the state fair.

Two things before we get to the non-winners. First, I think I found a way to rid my desk of some of the accumulated junk...uh, I mean, of the highly sought after prizes, which this week would have included a handsome coffee table book of Phil Romano's artwork--but more on that later.

Secondly, one of the most wrong-headed comments ever to grace City of Ate pages came in this week from an Art Nielsen, responding to the Question of the Week. In it, he claims research shows food programming is no more or less a waste of time than sports programming. Well, as someone who'll be watching F1 qualifying at midnight tonight, a slate of games from the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Ligue 1, followed by a day of college football and then the F1 race Saturday, and NFL games plus the MotoGP race Sunday, I can tell you he's way off base.

Um...wait a minute...

Let's move on to the non-winners:

Veggie Guy Eddie Garza's visit to the state fair stirred quite a bit of commentary. A few of the shorter favorites include Bill in Lewisville, who confessed "I love it when vegans use their pseudo veterinary skills to tell us what the animals are feeling by seeing the looks in the livestocks eyes." Mia Bissette--clearly a vegan or vegetarian--said "Awww. Poor ignorant meat eaters....Bless THeir Hearts" But we liked the balanced response by Chance, who saw bad and good. "The article should have been titled 'Self-righteous Hipsters Pretend that they Matter at the Fair," he said. "The one redeeming factor is that the writer seems to know a thing or two about quality beer."

Our list of top ten foods better than the corn dog prompted Katharine into a zombie-like state ("Chocolate-covered strawberry waffle balls? WANT. NOW") and caused usually level-headed Bob Dobbsson to confuse himself with The Big Guy ( "I DO like your Champagne/sparkling wine comparison though. Since I really only ever eat Fletcher's dogs, I will continue to refer ot them properly and all lesser beasts will hereto for be referred to by Bob Dobbsson as 'corn dogs.' Even Bob Dobbsson can learn lesson.")

For the last words, we'll turn to bc: "The only thing more white trash than the average State Fair patron is the Sooner Nation that invades on my favorite day of each year. Their chicks definitely partake of the fried food - trust me. Hook 'em."