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Dugg Burger Opens In Casa Linda, Isn't Sure Whether Or Not Dallas Can Read

Dallas needs another burger joint like it needs another strip mall or toll road, but there's a new spot with its own "unique" twist on our city's favorite food what seems like every day. For the folks at the recently-opened Dugg Burger in Casa Linda, that means digging out the fluffy insides of a Village Baking Co. bun to make room for plenty of their array of daily-rotating 12 toppings.

Apparently the scooped-out center is delicious enough to justify a custom-designed "Dugg Tool" that makes it easier for the burger-makers to remove just enough of the bun's insides without compromising its structural integrity. It's gimmicky idea, but it has promise. Who hasn't occasionally wished that their toppings actually stayed on a big, thick burger instead of messily spilling out the sides?

Outside of this weird plan to better accommodate the restaurant's array of housemade toppings, like fried onion strings and pear relish, Dugg Burger has also chosen to stand out from the crowd by creating a menu that even your toddler can read. In a post for Eater Dallas, photos of the spanking-new East Dallas' establishment's menu were shared via Twitter late Friday afternoon, and we're pretty sure that this restaurant thinks that everyone in Dallas is illiterate.

We appreciate this strict dedication to the philosophy of Keep It Simple Stupid. As the header photo clearly indicates, $10 will get you a single patty burger, fries, and a drink. $13 upgrades your beverage option to a beer, and an extra patty will run you an extra $3. Dugg Burger's array of toppings are all included in that base burger price, which is a pretty cool thing. It's good to know that you can load up your burger with as many toppings as you want without having to pay upwards of a dollar each, like many of Dallas' other burger establishments. (Looking at you, Hopdoddy)

According to Dugg Burger's Facebook page, you can even get a Lent-friendly "Duggless" sandwich, which looks to be a gussied up, mushroom-and-onion topped version of a grilled cheese. The beer selection is all local, all craft beers, with brews from Dallas' Four Corners Brewery and Revolver Brewing in Grandbury. All signs point to excellence at this new Casa Linda burger joint, even if they're not entirely sure that their clientele is capable of reading complicated, occasionally multisyllabic words like "burger" and "fries."

Dugg Burger opened last week, but #SLEETSHOW2015 forced the restaurant to close up shop for lunch and dinner yesterday, thwarting any plans that you may have had to survive this sleety nightmare by consuming your weight in delicious burgers. According to a post on the Dugg Burger Facebook page, normal business will resume at 11 a.m. today, assuming that we all haven't frozen to death by then.

And you should probably go check them out, if only to find out whether or not scooping out the delicious soft innards of a burger bun actually improves the experience. After the brain vacation that is a snow-day Monday, who wants to read, anyway?