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Bleu Cheese Pancetta Dip Is A Thing Now. Again.

Last week, we asked Central Market, "Where in the hell is that badass bleu cheese pancetta dip, y'all?" And this week, they answered awesomely.

Anisha Mandol, business development manager of chef prepared at Central Market, told us, "The chef decides what is menued in each Central Market and they take out the slow movers based on sales movement, hence its absence." Which translates to, "because Stupid Dallas wasn't buying enough of it."

After our bitchy post, our commenters bitched some more. There was talk of shawarma:

There were many sads about green garlic salsa:

Even twinwillow showed up all, "RAAAAAAAARG."

Then, another email from Anisha Mandol came through, saying that we could still order the dip in buckets from their fancy people, "...please feel free to mention they can get it at CM Catering."

And then -- then, the most wonderful of wonderful best things ever happened: Mandol emailed again. And I knew this email was good, because as soon as I opened it, angels started doing body shots and rainbows were chest bumping.

Good news!!! I talked with the chefs and GM at Dallas and the dip is available as of today.

Thanks again for the dialogue, most enjoyable.

Before I could even get to a computer to write this post, City of Ate's Alexander Nham emailed me a picture of the actual goods, on the shelf, in person and real, with this subject line: "Ask and you shall receive."

Sweet! Was it a picture of the bleu cheese pancetta dip, or that tasteful photo I wanted of topless Betty White? Either way: YES.

Then, a tweet from @dixiechickidie:

I got my ass over to Central Market to see this for myself. And it's true. Bleu cheese pancetta dip is back at the Dallas Central Market on Lovers Lane, you guys. And it's just as wonderful as it used to be.

Lesson: If you want to see your favorites back at Central Market, ask here. It's worth a shot. Worst case, they don't bring it back. Less worst case, it's not available in-store, but you can order it through catering. Bestest case, THEY BRING IT BACK YOU WIN AT LIFE.

Thanks for listening, Central Market. I like seeing bleu cheese pancetta dip in my face again.