Appetite for Instruction: French Kiss Cocktail Demonstrated by Ryan Kreps of RA Sushi

Every mall, grocery or drugstore you walk into is decorated with red and pink hearts. Little kids are writing "will you be mine" on their Dora the Explorer-themed cards. Husbands are frantically making last minute dinner reservations, while wives are buying expensive lingerie. A golden-haired baby in a diaper is running around shooting single people with his love stick, or maybe I should say arrow. Yes, Valentine's Day is right around the corner.

If you're stumped on what to get your special someone for the day of love, then don't ask me. If you are wondering how you should celebrate, then I'm your girl. My answer to that question and well, every other question is easy -- alcohol. RA Sushi at The Shops of Legacy can help you out with this. They will be featuring a Valentine-themed drink for next week and next week only. RA describes the cocktail as a "spicy, sweet and sexy drink." They should have thrown in the words "get you lucky" and then we would all be headed over there in a mad rush.

For this week's Appetite for Instruction I had one of the bartenders concoct this magical drink for all you lovebirds and alcohol lovers viewing pleasure.

Ingredients: ¾ oz Godiva White Chocolate liqueur ¾ oz Godiva Dark Chocolate liqueur ½ oz Ketel One Vodka ½ oz Captain Morgan ¾ oz Chambord

Step 1: Pour all ingredients into a martini shaker.

Step 2: Shake and strain into a chilled glass drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Step 3: Garnish with a fresh strawberry on the rim and enjoy!